Since the clocks changed it’s been a real struggle to get out for a run in the week, even with working from home. There is only about six hours of daylight to play with and other things need to happen during that time and then there’s the weather to contend with. The wife’s exercise DVD is proving a good substitute as far as exercise goes (it’s hardcore), but I still prefer the outdoors.

So I’ve decided any running is better than no running and have started doing sprints on the track up to our house. It’s about 300m long and has a gradual incline with a kick at the end (last 100m? Or just after halfway?) where it’s got even more of an incline. It’s not what I’d classify as “uphill”, but it is noticeable; Cycling up it when it was icy was “fun”.

So far all I can manage is a jog down, sprint up, jog down and sprint up. The first one I can get in 50 secs (did I say it’s a MASSIVE hill? I’m old), the second sprint is always 5 secs longer and I’m spent by then - I try to give it my all.

Like most things that are good in life it’s over in a few minutes. I’m intrigued to see if this provides any physical benefit and whether I can improve my times and/or add in a third sprint or whether it’s purely going to provide mental relief.