Pipe dream

This year there are no 1x10 options in the £800 range as both both Pinnacle and Genesis have opted for boring for this year’s Arkose 2 and CdA 20 meaning I have to move up the range to 1x11 (because I still have a thing about 1x setups), hence the pipe dream status.

At around the £1500 mark there are some lovely bikes such as the Genesis Croix de Fer Decade, Planet X’s Bish Bash Bosh and Planet X’s XLS. Those are beautiful, beautiful bikes. As much as I can easily justify a bike like those based on the amount of cycling I do and the conditions I cycle in (in fact, from a reasonable return-on-investment point of view I could justify one of those bikes every month), I still struggle to see how anyone can actually afford to drop over a grand on a bike; We’ve spent less on some cars before than any of those bikes cost.


At a realistic dream, but still a dream, level of around £800 the only decent options are single speed such as the Genesis Day One Decade (nice! I like the freewheel hub idea as it makes it as easy as fixed to change ratios) or the Arkose Singlespeed 2016 (also nice, plus it’s aluminium so better for corrosion and has hydraulic brakes). But what is the benefit of single speed over fixed gear? I think there are two:

  1. In winter when I’m running a low gear like now I would be able to freewheel down the hills and not have to brake or worry about throwing my chain because I can’t spin fast enough.
  2. I would be able to angle my cranks to get through the obstacles. Mostly a concern from a silly commuter racing point of view where I lose significant time.

Bad dream

New forks, front brakes and wheels. Probably £200-£300. I don’t want or need fancy disc brakes. I’d be happy going back to V-brakes or having cantilever brakes, but I definitely want to keep a proper brake lever, now I’ve experienced that again.


Ok then, just new wheels. £100-£200 as I’m not after anything fancy at all.

And you are awake

Sometimes reality is more scary than our dreams. Sigh. Reality it is then.