What I enjoyed most about Xfm were Friday and Saturday nights. It was a UK wide party for those of an age who can no longer go out. It just felt good.

With the move to RadioX some of this atmosphere was lost. It seems more regimented and less fun. The Friday night and Saturday night shows especially are more distanced from the audience. Hopefully Phil Clifton and Dan O’Connell will be allowed back to their old ways over time. The music is still the same: It isn’t always the very best, but is consistently very good.

6Music, on the other hand, like to pretend the weekend doesn’t exist and so make no concerted effort there at all. Never mind, I’m more likely to listen to the weekday morning shows such as Shaun Keaveny and Lauren Laverne. However, 6Music is like the DJ who is too cool. The ones who, for whatever reason, just do not want to keep that dance floor filled. No where else will you get Reel Big Fish, Asian Dub Foundation, Fugazi, Stereolab, PJ Harvey, Saint Etienne or Ministry, but their track selection is even more eclectic than my tastes; yes I may choose to listen to Taylor Swift sandwiched between Saian Super Crew and Ugly Duckling, but why the hell would I want to listen to Paul McCartney ever? You have to sit through a lot of rubbish to get to the (admittedly very high) highlights. Frustratingly inconsistent.