This is pretty much a test post so I have something to target as I work on implementing support for automatically sending webmentions on deploy and (obviously) receiving webmentions via; I’m far more bothered about being able to automate sending webmentions than I am about receiving them, but from a practical standpoint I can’t do one without the other.

I’ve decided to go with Voxpelli’s service in the first instance to make my life easier. I may ultimately write my own and properly host my own webmentions receiver; I have horribly tempting thoughts to see what I can achieve with Lua and Bozohttpd.

Some very brief thoughts on

to try to flesh out this post a bit

  • It is graciously provided for free and takes all of a second to implement so I have no rights to complain at all, but…
  • It requires Javascript to display mentions. I do use Javascript on my Archive page, but in general I’m trying to be Javascript free (purely because I’m the biggest user of my website and I use Elinks a lot).
  • There’s no administration functionality, such as being able to review webmentions before allowing them to be posted or deleting spam webmentions.