Because that’s when I got the first puncture on the rear.

Which means they actually punctured at about a week’s worth of riding before the Schwalbe CX Pros did, even with the added benefit of a puncture protection layer; They literally punctured two months to the day after fitting them, but I have had a week’s holiday in that time *.

However, this has not put me off these tyres as I have come to the realisation (others still need to) that I genuinely do a hell of a lot of cycling and therefore this is just how often I need to change my tyres.

The reason why I like these tyres so much:

  • They are folding so I can (and did!) carry a spare tyre in my bag with ease
  • They are actually available for the same price as Schwalbe CX Pros (non-folding bead)
  • They are light! In a 31mm width these are actually about the same weight as the 23mm Rubinos I used to use on the road
  • They are fast on the road, they are fast off the road
  • They grip well for all my loose surface cornering needs
  • When they do puncture they don’t tear a big hole like the Schwalbes (I could patch this tyre up if I had to)
  • You can pretty much wear them down until the tread has gone † (indeed, that’s the sign they need changing which is more sensible than the Schwalbes)

I was a bit apprehensive when I got the tyres as they come with a warning “ATTENTION to gravel and glass; these may damage the casing of the tyre”, which was a little worrying as my commute featured a lot of gravel as it was. As fortune would have it though, the Council resurfaced the stretch of track where I received most of my punctures last year. With even more coarse gravel! For an even longer stretch! So these tyres have actually had it much worse than the Schwalbes did last year, which coupled with the warning that they might not actually be any good on gravel in the first place means that in fact they’ve faired pretty well.

No photos. It just looks like a worn out tyre.

*: I’ve kept them at their minimum recommended pressure that whole time (checking and topping up once a week).
†: The front, as is typical, looks in much better condition, but since I have a new tyre for that I might as well change that too.

[EDIT: 2015-06-24] The second set of tyres did not fair so well. The rear punctured today (sharp bit of gravel stuck right through the middle of the tyre; had to pull it out) which is around 800 miles of cycling since fitting them. For now I’ve inlayed the tyre with the old inner tube for a bit of protection. The search for the elusive ideal tyre continues?

[EDIT: 2015-08-07] I meant to mention before now, but after lining the rear with the inner tube I had no further problems and it lasted probably a little beyond 1600 miles. So I’m back in love with these tyres. The ~4mm long slit from the bit of gravel didn’t get any bigger during all that time which is really quite impressive.