It’s Roidweek: Yaaaaay! I’m not doing it though: Boooooo!

I’m disappointed, but when I saw the date I didn’t hold out much hope as it was the wrong side of payday; There is, after all, an approximately £14 entry fee.

Even without Roidweek I remain unrealistically optimistic that I’m going to shoot (a roll of) film and get it developed this calendar year. I’ve shot three rolls so far. One 35mm and one each in the Brownie Six-20 I was given and the No. 2A Folding Autographic Brownie that was once my Great Grandpa’s; It’s a little sad it’s taken so long for me to be able to stick just the second roll through that camera and that it’s not quite soon enough for my Grandpa to appreciate it, but with the bellows repaired (taped up as I did with my Polaroid) I’m hoping this roll will prove it’s ok and then the third roll (at whatever distant point in the future that occurs) will be the one where I finally get to put it to proper use.

For the time being I’ve one roll of 120 format left which is going in the Yashica Mat. And that is always something to look forward to!