Going into this I thought Marianne Vos would be an easy favourite as I’ve heard enough about her to know she’s a bit of a machine. Not that I even knew the race was taking place until I saw it mentioned on Twitter. And not that I even know the names of any of the riders beyond Vos, Armitstead and Trott; I am no better with Men’s cycling either; I’m into cycling, but not that into cycling. But then there was Emma Johansson’s stage one win (never heard of her before) and then Rosella Ratto’s stage two win (yet another one I’ve never heard of) so I think now my money is on Rosella. Not that I have any money, but I love it when the ones who go for it and make early breaks manage to sustain it and win; No one wants a boring winner. I think she made a break on stage one as well, but was reeled in? I don’t know, can’t find any liveblog updates to verify.

So there you go. Even though I should support someone from the UK I’m hoping Rosella gets it.