I was a bit worried that with the demise of my iPod Mini I’d struggle to keep up with listening to new music this year (and it feels like I’ve done quite well so far), but I am kind of getting by. Anyway…

I found some of the Young And Lost Club Compliation lying around - on the internet - which was good as it included a track from Oh Minnows and I wanted to check them out. Unfortunately I can’t say I’m that bothered by the track on there (Might), so I “might” not bother checking out anything else by them. However, there’s a track called “Arrows Of Eros” by Golden Silvers which is just fantastic - love it - and also “My Kz, Ur BF” by Everything Everything which I have heard a few times (I guess on the NME channel?), but I had no idea who it was by. So I went on to listen to True Romance by Golden Silvers, and Man Alive by Everything Everything, but on initial (and now subsequent) listens I’ve not found the albums as good as the singles. Damn shame, but hasn’t stopped me listening to both of the singles on repeat.

In one of those rare moments when I could wrestle the telly between the Tiny Pop and Pop Girl channels I flicked to the NME Channel and saw a video by Alex Winston (can’t recall which song, but I’ve been listening to Fire Ant as a consequence) which was then followed by Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn. I’m almost certain I’m not Kreayshawn’s target audience, but I love that track.

I’ve been wanting to listen to Teen Daze for a long time now and found a track called The Harvest. It’s an ok track. Very chilled out and unable to make my mind up I thought they’d have to remain on my “to listen” list. But then I saw that Oh! Canada 18 (fuck me, number 19 is already out. I give up) had Surface by Teen Daze on so I gave that a whirl and now I really think I’m not that interested in them. Oh well, that’s how it goes. But, I did very much like Sirens by The Pack A.D., It by Rich Aucoin and Who Are You? by Kathryn Calder.

Continuing the theme of accidental discoveries, I also found some Freestylers stuff I’d not heard of before: The Frozen EP and Say Yes. They are ok, but not that brilliant that I can’t go back (soon, honest; ok in a bit then - who was I trying to kid?) to my self-imposed ban on the Freestylers (I’ve ever so slightly over done it the past few years so needed something fresh this year).