Since I had my winter tyres on, a lower gear ratio and it was daylight (yay for early finishes on a Friday!) I thought I’d pick up a bit of the Formartine and Buchan Way on the way home. I’d seen people cycle on it (as far as I can tell it is meant to be a cycle route) and once on the way home, where the road travels next to it, zoomed past another cyclist who was leisurely riding it only to be bemused when a mile or so later, where the road passes over the Way, there was the other cyclist! So I had figured it was a short cut worth trying.

All I can say is “Holy crap!”. It’s a cycle path as long as you have a full suspension mountain bike. For someone pretending they have a Cyclo-cross bike it was one hell of a bumpy ride. I think I’ll stick to the road.