As well as my foray into Dubstep some other stuff I’ve been listening to:

LightsGoBlue. Apparently they are: “an edgy electronic pop rock band” (which all sounds quite appropriate considering the last post on genres). I heard them on Huw Stephen’s podcast, but they seem to be plastered all over the web at the moment. Flashlights is pretty good. Poppy. More ‘Poppy’ than I recall from Huw Stephens. Russian Blue Lagoon is a bit shit really; there ain’t no edge there. Stick to your Guns is difficult to comment on following Russian Blue Lagoon. Wicked Depths is ok, The Only Way We Look, quite like it. Glass hearts ok. Basically, probably ace if you are a 16 year posh school girl and into thinking you are a bit ‘edgy’, but from the warm comfort of your home. Not quite what I was hoping for.

Bag Raiders, I can’t but help, thanks to word association, call them Bag Handlers. The LightsGoBlue equivalent of ‘edgy’ electronica? I can imagine it playing in the background of Home and Away or Neighbours if it hasn’t already.

The Wooden Sky. Oslo: nice, the definite highlight and like a mellow Johnny Cash, although it is all pretty listenable actually. Not my normal cup of tea, and very “background music-ey”, but there’s something about them.