Makes for scary reading. I don’t know if I agree with the hi-vis and helmet sentiments though. I certainly wear them, but as Alan writes it isn’t going to stop you getting hit.

I had a scare last week on a roundabout. I have a hi-viz vest over my jacket and a hi-viz vest over my rucksack (so I’m visible from all around). I have a bright front light I use for seeing by and another little flasher for (hopefully) being seen by. I have a rear light on my bike and a flashing light on my rucksack. Also, since I’ve got winter tyres on at the moment they have a reflective stripe all the way around them. Still this did not stop a car colliding with me. It’s a sad fact, but it doesn’t matter how visible you are, some drivers are just not looking for you full-stop.

However, all that said, and I’m sure Alan would agree, for the most part it’s pretty safe on the roads. For every horror story like Alan’s there are thousands of journeys done each day without incident (and probably without helmets and hi-viz too). The only way it’s going to get safer is if more people get on their bikes.