Photo Blogged With Kind Permission Of

Photo blogged with kind permission of iri5 (and on that note if you want to reblog, it really wouldn’t do any harm to ask her permission, she seems very nice).

It’s not exactly uncommon for me to see or come across things that are better than anything I could do, be it bits of code or bits of art or anything else. We are surrounded by people who are better than ourselves. That’s a good thing as long as you let it give you hope and let it inspire you, or at the very least just enjoy what other people can do.

But then there’s the things you come across that are not only good, but also fall into the category of something I’d never-in-a-million-years have thought of doing.

It’s difficult to pick an overall favourite from The Ghost in a Machine set, but I’m going to with this one (this work-in-progress one a close second), since I was a bit partial to Nine Inch Nails back in the day and the Broken EP was on tape, but recorded on one side only (well, that’s how I recall it, but Wikipedia says side two was 15mins of silence and then two hidden tracks - I can’t recall if we ever twigged that as kids; wonder if my old school friend still has the cassette?; it was in the days where we would take turns to buy albums and then lend them to each other to tape; ah! high speed dubbing - ripping CDs or downloading from iTunes is just not the same).

iri5 is an Georgia based artist who is amazingly talented. And I’ve detracted far too much with my inane ramblings.