This is interesting. Especially to me, since I owned an iMac G3*; of slightly lower spec than the one in the article as well. I loved that sage iMac (and the iSub I had with it), it was the first time I realised you could smile just by sitting in front of a computer. I’d (obviously) never experienced that will the beige Windows boxes I’d used before; almost with a SGI machine I’d used at work. It’s not just the comparison of specs that is interesting: the iPhone costs half of what the iMac cost me; which is probably still the single most expensive item I’ve bought myself.

Ten years ago it was foreseeable that iMacs would be way better down the road, but that mobile phones, cameras and GPS units would be small add-ons to a handheld computer? It will be interesting to see what other gadgets are obsoleted in ten years time. The computer is king at the moment.

And interesting that I came across this article as I post this. Who’d have thought that Nokia would be like this? And basically because mobile phones (as a standalone item) are dead (not counting luddite-me with my Motorola F3).

* Unfortunately I don’t own an iPhone 4.