As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve taken the opportunity to use Google Buzz to clean-up my website. I’ve removed the side bar that featured Twitter, Delicious, Google Reader, and Flickr widgets and instead have replaced with a simple link to my Buzz profile page. Makes for a much cleaner site. The only thing Buzz doesn’t do yet is pull in info from, but I wasn’t keeping the sidebar around just for that. And hopefully will make some changes to their site so it works with Buzz.

Since I had no sidebar I moved the remaining about/description and ‘meta’ links up into a header. I’d already HTML5-ified things awhile ago, but I’d never really fixed the CSS from when I started from the Pro-White theme. This time I’ve made a concerted effort to ‘fix’ the CSS; I’ve gone through and changed everything to EMs, and made a load of tweaks to make the text layout more readable (I was never keen on the line spacing, etc before). I’m pretty chuffed with how it looks now. I’m sure I’ve still got some redundant CSS, or stuff I could consolidate, but that will do for now.