About a year ago I got the i-5-m.net domain name, because I was in a bit of a strop, fed-up, and wanted a proper domain name again.

About the same time, I found out I still owned the i5m.me.uk one (the benefit of 2 years renewal on UK domains), but because I'd de-tagged it, thrown the registration certificate away (in another huff), moved address, and changed email addresses, etc, I wasn't sure I'd be able to prove it was mine. So, not wanting to wait (re: strop above) I went for the new .net one. A bit later on, thanks to the helpful folks at Nominet, I did manage to get the i5m.me.uk one properly registered.

A bit later on still, I finally managed - after four years (The downside of 2 years renewal on UK domains) - to get back my original i5m.co.uk domain from when I first ventured onto the net with my own site sometime in 2002. In my naviety I'd registered it through my webhost, who'd registered it in their name, went down the swaney and took my domain with it. Someone promptly nabbed it and sat on it for two years and then the same happened two years later.

However, because I'd splashed out (well, hardly 'splashed', a few dollars, maybe) on a new domain, I just pointed the .co.uk and .me.uk ones at the .net one.

Cue today, and my i-5-m.net domain is up for renewal soon and I have to face facts that as a domain name, it's a bit pants and all, what with the hyphens in it. And since I do now have my original domain name back I should just switch to using that.

So I have.

i5m.co.uk will reign supreme, and i5m.me.uk will be a webhop to it. And until the i-5-m.net one expires it will also be a webhop to here.