1st Place My new main computing platform: iPod Touch 2nd Gen, OS 3.0:

Safari 33796.0ms +/- 3.1%

2nd Place My stalwart: 12" Powerboook 1GHz PPC, OS X 10.5.7

Opera 9.62, 38896.8ms +/- 6.6%

3rd Place At work: Dell D610, 2GHz Pentium, XP SP2

IE6* 49827.4ms +/- 4.6%

OK, those are chosen for shock value, but still that's pretty impressive.  For a 'fairer' comparison I have more benchmarked, such as Safari and Chrome on the PC, and Safari on the Mac. It does go to show though that iPod Touches and iPhones are a fairly respectable mobile computing platforms - who needs a netbook, hey?!

* IE6 remains my employers preferred  and default installed browser; It is still necessary for certain intranet sites that will not work with other browsers.