So Kodachrome is being discontinued after 74 years. I haven't even got around to shooting any yet. I expect there will be a rush on stocks, but for the time being it is still available (7dayshop). However, in my quick search to find who's stocking it, I then stumble across the shocker that 110 film is no longer being made by Fuji (discountfilmsdirect). Gutted.

So next payday I guess I'm going to have to get a roll of Kodachrome and a roll of 110 film. I've not even got a 110 camera yet. I'd put camera purchases on the back burner after getting my Yashica Mat; after-all I've only been able to afford to put one roll through that so far. But I guess I'm going to have to get a 110 camera sometime this year, I'm pretty sure the 110 stocks will disappear as quickly as 126 did.

And one day yet, I'm going to have to get my Disc Camera working.

This is well worth a look: Kodak's Kodachrome Slide Show