It seems like Haloscan have died a death. I mean the website is still there and it still works, but the forum is dead. There is no one from Haloscan around.

With that in mind I've finally got around to doing comments properly via rails. Since this site is on rails. It wasn't too hard (it shouldn't be I guess, but I'm very rusty), but it is only very basic, no user logon (probably a good thing!), no editing. Just comment and run.

Will probably need a bit of tweaking, but it seems to be basically working. I could do with making the comment appear via AJAX, etc rather than re-loading the whole page. But it'll do - I have to remember NO ONE reads this site anyway (especially since I've become very energy aware and I'm sleeping my machine/webserver much more than I used to!)

Nothing really negative to say, this is just an in-between post. It'll soon be gone. Oh, and as each post goes so do the comments. More Yay!