A brand new site. I couldn't help myself. This one is a lot more simple though. There's no history for starters, it's just going to be one post at a time and when it's gone it's gone. So I'll leave this post here for a bit and then get on with the real posting. Not that I have so much to say nowadays - I think I just needed to be tinkering with something rather than actually ranting about stuff which is why I've developed this site without ever really meaning to.

I got rid of my webhost and domain names to save a bit of cash (the price of beans on toast has gone up) so this is hosted on my mac at home. I can guarantee a 4.3% uptime. Well actually, it'll be quite good as long as it stays plugged in since the battery is screwed on my ageing 12" powerbook.

I've used Ruby On Rails (not exactly pushing the boundaries of it, but it was fun for me) to develop this site and Mongrel to serve it.

Since I've been accused of being too negative in the past with each post (this one excepted since it's an introduction) I've forced myself to present a positive and negative side to it. I predict this column (the one you are reading right now) will always be the longest, but the other one will always get something in it. I thought I'd write more in it now just so it feels good about itself.