Prompted by a comment from another i5m I thought I'd post about the other i5ms I've found. So far there are two:

Someone recently registered my old domain and it appears to be a real person, so perhaps there might be three soon.

I find it odd that other people have the i5m name since mine was accidental more than anything. I'd been using the nickname ism, on a mac forum, which I nicked from an old Liverpool dance/techno group that I once saw in passing at some free festival in London that I travelled to on some hippy bus. Incidentally, in searching for that ISM link again I found that one of the members is on myspace. I also liked ism because of all the words that end in ism. Such as cynicism. Of course when it came to domain names ism was well gone so I went for i5m. I wonder how the other two ended up there?