I know I'm not supposed to serve XHTML1.1 as text/html, but since this is hosted on .mac there is nothing I can do about it. Plus the W3 recommendation only says "Should" and I'm not about to republish everything as XHTML1.0 . Also since I host my site locally on Apache I know that it doesn't break when served as application/xhtml+xml. I know because I've checked. It looks exactly the same. Although I do wish I could configure my Apache to do this properly. The only way I can get it to do it is if I use the .xhtml extension. All the other hints, such as the mod_rewrite one linked above, give me errors. Must be something weird with Apache on OSX.

The other bonus (I guess) is that since .mac serves it as text/html it means IE users can see it.

So there you go, that's my excuse