Oooh, now on 3.3 RC4. Which was a bit of a shocker since I've played about with some of the plugins to get formatting how I wanted and all of a sudden my Category archives only listed headlines and my archive list was blank.

For anyone using NB who wants the full category entry type you'll notice it says "IMPORTANT: Please edit category_entry.htm accordingly.", but doesn't tell you what to edit. Well it turns out it is as simple as setting the target for CATENTRY_TEMPLATE in nb.conf to the same as the ENTRY_TEMPLATE.

As to getting the monthly list, use the plugin instead of and then edit it so it only prints the month list. Ideally I should edit it so it doesn't bother processing the entry list and category list (since I'm not using it, it's a waste of time), butI haven't figured the code out enough yet to go cutting large chunks out of it

First impressions: It does seem a lot faster. Might be a bug in deleting entries in that it doesn't update the category index, BUT that could well be me - I don' update it as the author recommends (due to my tweaks). Will investigate. UPDATE: Have investigated. It's something I've done as it works fine on a clean install. Oh arse, now what have I deleted that I shouldn't have?