Download: OnlyAlbums - Applescript for iTunes

What it does:This script will attempt to compile a playlist of only albums from the full iTunes music library, based on user inputted values for min. number of tracks per album and min. album duration

This started off after a post by siMac on the Macnn forums. I'd always fancied having this script anyway, so thought I'd have a go. As you can see from the thread: iTunes: Create playlist containing only albums?, it wasn't successful for the user although it did work for me. You can also see an alternative version of the script developed by TETENAL in that same post

I then stumbled across a post by siMac on the iPodLounge Forums. The moderator there, deeg, points out some possible improvements to me script. I've not done them since "It works for me", but you might want to bear them in mind