Download: Add Wishlist Item - Applescript for iTunes

What it does: When run the script prompts you for Title/Artist/Album info and uses a small dummy aiff file as a kind of placeholder in a pre-determined playlist in your music library. The intent is that you can add these 'wishlist' items for future reference, e.g to remind you to acquire the tracks or as placeholders when developing playlists

Written a long time ago (still works, still useful) i had intended on submitting these to Doug' Applescripts for iTunes. In fact I did submit this one back in August. Doug got back to me with some ideas for improvement. I was too busy to do anything for awhile, but I finally have modified this one. I haven't resubmitted it since it isn't as good as it could be, but I can't think of how to make it any better

It works great. The only possible problem that could arise is if you have an existing track in your library called "wishlist" since the script will target this and rename it instead of the dummy file it's just imported.

This wasn't a problem until iTunes got video capability since up to then I could use a dummy Quicktime created mp3 file that I could target a bit better. This is because importing a dummy Quicktime file called "wishlist.mp3" comes in to iTunes as a track with name "wishlist.mp3" It's very unlikely anyone will have an actual track called "wishlist.mp3", but possible someone could have a track called "wishlist.mp3". Unfortunately as iTunes got video capability all the dummy Quicktime files should up as blank videos. The only way around this was to use an Aiff file and for some weird reason importing an Aiff file called "wishlist.mp3" comes in with a track name of "wishlist".

Perhaps I could just call the file some weird name, perhaps not though. I prefer to leave the script as "Works ok for me".