Welcome back! This site has been down for over a year now! Crikey! Who'd have thought that for the sake of saving £5 a month I'd lose my site for a year? So, yeah, for the sake of saving a bit of cash I closed my account with 22host, losing my domain name with it (my fault), hence the current .me.uk one. Loosing a proper webhost meant I couldn't use Blogger anymore and it's taken until now for me to find a solution I'm happy with that will work with dotmac; I thought I might as well make the most of the hosting I'm paying for anyway.

And that leads me to Nanoblogger a small weblog engine that runs in Bash. It's groovy stuff. The most important things for me were that it would output static pages (nothing dynamic such as SSI on dotmac) and that it was customisable. Oh and free/cheap. Nanoblogger is free and can be edited to suit. Great stuff. Although the layout is slightly constrained by Nanoblogger the fact that I can update all pages in one fell swoop is better than before where I was doing it all by hand.

So there we go. Much the same as before. Still the same sections moaning about Women (Wo), and Engineering (Eng) and the ONLY serious section on this site: Mental Health (Heads). I've dropped all the old Huddersfield University Formula Student / FSAE stuff; it was out of date at the time!. I've added a Video (Vid) section that will mainly get used for posting with regards to technical issues with Final Cut Express, etc, such as plugins I've written in fxscript. So it's all ready to go, the only thing that might continued to get tweaked a bit is the CSS.

Nanoblogger, plus BBEdit from the command line is a groovy thing

One final point, this site is all XHTML+CSS, if it looks rubbish you are very likely on windows and using IE6 or something. Do yourself a favour and get a decent browser such as Firefox or Opera. I'm against CSS hacks because it makes it way harder for me more than anything else