So I really am keeping my word. Seriously too busy to do anything to this site. Which is a shame. Still way off getting moveabletype up and running even though I installed it ages ago. Had hoped for a quick implementation of a comment system using Haloscan but it seems signups are closed. Arse.

Have lots to add to the debt section. Yes it seems to be getting worse. Stupid Barclaycard put my limit up again. Quite simply I need more of an income. I'm fed up of eating shite. I already had a zero amount of money to live off the moment I got paid this month. What's the point of working harder, longer, faster, when the money's the same at the end of the day? Stupid bloody conscience and work ethic of mine

Anyway. I'm still way behind on my video work. I'm not sure where my evenings seem to go. I've taken months fannying about with DVDs, VCDs and SVCDs and I've still to author the bit of video I spent ages editing. I need toast, which I've ordered. Unfortunately you can't download outside USA which means resorting to the old real network delivery which quite frankly is a pain in the arse when you're hardly at home. Someone needs to come up with a better idea. Anyway, when it eventually gets here I'll have a crack at SVCDs and hopefully that'll work on my bird's DVD player.

The good news is that the clock's have changed. British Summer Time is here bringning light evenings. So assuming I ever get out of work at a reasonable time then I might start skating a bit more since I'll be able to skate the park which is a bit more inspiring than Sainsbury's curb.

This weekend was Mia's 2nd birthday, and we all went to Chester Zoo. I've not been to the zoo in years and it was rad. Should have some reasonable footage from the whole weekend, which means more fun editing for me. Didn't think about that! Ohwell, it can join the queue.

And I can't think of anything else to say