I was stupidly too lazy to do a May Music and for April Audio I just listed songs instead of albums and already it’s difficult to remember everything I’ve listened to so far this year. In an effort to redress the balance I’ll do a June Jams with things I’ve mostly actually listened to in June:

  • Fat Dog: Running - which also has All the Same and King of the Slugs on it as well. I should listen to it when running I suppose. These are really interesting and definitely have a unique sound. I think I’m going to go with All the Same as the one I like best. Looking forward to their album later this year.
  • One Da: Set It Off - I love this 1000% and have listened to this on repeat a few times.
  • Marika Hackman: The Girl Who Fell to Earth - Not content with Big Sigh and Little Sigh she’s also released this beautiful thing.
  • Bess Atwell: Light Sleeper - Release Myself is the obvious standout to me. It’s so nice.
  • Confidence Man: ConMan Club Classics Vol. 1 - Forever 2 (Crush Mix), which they’d released separately as well, is my favourite. Let’s all go raving.
  • Dead letter: Mother and Mere Mortal - Not quite as catchy as last year’s stuff although Mere Mortal is pretty close (and with more listens will probably get there).
  • Charli XCX: Brat - On first listen I was a bit disappointed as there wasn’t a Beg For You and overall (to me) this album feels more raw and less produced, but some of the tracks end up being right earworms. Von Dutch, B2b, “Girl, so confusing”, Talk Talk and Guess all just end up in your head.
  • Joey Valance & Brae: No Hands - I can’t pick a standout but the whole thing is good. These would be ace live.
  • Peggy Gou: I Hear You - I have the same kind of feeling as for Sofia Kourtesis’ release last year - it’s not quite what I was hoping, but it hasn’t stopped me listening to it a few times.
  • Raye: Genesis - I need to give this more listens. It is good. Genesis, Pt. ii is my favourite.
  • Kneecap: Fine Art - A great album. Sick In The Head and Love Making are the standouts for me, but it’s really good to listen to all the way through and then repeat.
  • Mary in the Junkyard: Marble Arch - A right little earworm. Kind of 90s indie classic vibes.
  • Scene Queen: Hot Singles in Your Area - Only on my radar because of the track with Wargasm, but Whips and Chains is actually my favourite off this.

And notable ones I should have mentioned in May (or earlier):

  • Lambrini girls: God’s Country - is 10/10 good. Somehow missed these last year which is a shame as otherwise Lads Lads Lads would have made my 2023 picks list.
  • Shygirl: fabric presents Shygirl (DJ Mix) - Somewhat related: I really like The Freestylers’ FABRICLIVE 19. I definitely don’t listen to all the Fabric stuff, but this Shygirl one is good. Good for those (rarer) longer runs.
  • Bob Vylan: Humble As The Sun - Superb. If I hadn’t have already picked an album of the year this would be up there. It’s all good, but Reign and Right Here are class.
  • Fluke: Insanely Beautiful - A right blast from the past. I still have Otto on vinyl. All nine minutes of the Cotton Bud Straight Remix are great!
  • Dua Lipa: Radical Optimism - Revisited because of her amazing Glastonbury set. I really like Illusions - it’s a banger.

Next year I’m thinking about doing a weekly “This is my jam” - I never actually used it when it was around, but I think a weekly post for earworms might be a good idea - at least if I happen to have one for the week.