Decathlon Run Active Grip Long Term Review

Keeping it short, but I can’t actually fault them for £35. This photo is at 800km of running. But there could be that much again of walking on them: I don’t track walking or dog-walking, but on average do 30km of running (extra because of running with A) and 90km total distance a week… some of that is walking around in the house, I also have one other pair of shoes (for “best”), but it seems safe to say there could be 1600km total on these).

Of course nearly all the grip has worn down, but that’s ok for this time of year. The toe-hole in the mesh started at around 370km of running, got to this size and thankfully didn’t get any bigger.

I might see, though, if I can treat myself and spend a whole five pounds extra on the EasyTrail next as they have a bit more toe coverage and 1mm extra grip to wear through. That might be my ideal road/trail/dog-walking shoe.

But unsurprisingly these are going to have to last a little longer first.