I thought last year was really good for music, but this year, a quarter of the year down, is proving insanely good.

I’m up to two hours seven minutes of tracks in my “picks of 2024” list already. Rather than go over all the albums so far I’ll pick some of the tracks:

  • Bullion and Carly Rae Jepson: Rare. Just beautiful. Elevated by Carly’s vocals. I hope she does more like this.
  • New Dad: Nosebleed. I liked the album on first listen, but it’s also a bit of a grower… because I didn’t really notice this track to start with, perhaps because it’s more gentle that the likes of Nightmares, Angel and In My Head, but it’s really beautiful.
  • Real Estate: Water Underground. Jingly jangly happy indy at its best.
  • The Reytons: Let Me Breathe. Prolific and consistently knocking it out of the park . Would be superb to see at a festival.
  • Bill Ryder-Jones. This Can’t Go On. Like Embrace’s Gravity, but with a larger soundscapes and slightly less melancholic. Still leaves you feeling though. Deep breath at the end. Recover.
  • Jalen Ngonda: Illusions. Possibly my favourite song of the year so far. Possibly the best song ever written. Mind blowing.
  • KNEECAP: Sick in the head. Too good. Will be all over everywhere by the end of the year.
  • Waxahatchee: Right Back To It. Indeed. A welcome return.

Not just April, obviously.