Yet more:

  • Fizz: The Secret To Life.
  • Wargasm: Venom. From October. Was hotly anticipated by me. I love Do It So Good.
  • Sofia Kourtesis: Madres. Another one I was really looking forward to and thought might be “the one”, but I unrealistically wanted every track to be La Perla. It is good though, but 3am chill out whereas I’m more 9pm bedtime.
  • Joy Anonymous: Cult Classsics.
  • Joy Orbison: Archive 09-10.
  • Jelani Blackman: The Heart of it. Was in super group at school, but has been off my radar until now. Clear and Damage are really good.
  • Ill Peach: This Is Not An Exit. I’m quite into two person bands (Wargasm, Shelf Lives). It’s a winning formula. Probably Hush is my favourite although quite like BLAH BLAH BLAH too
  • Barry Can’t Swim: When Will We Land.
  • Black Pumas: Chronicles Of A Diamond.
  • Baby Queen: Quarter Life Crisis.
  • Chase and status: 2RUFF Vol 1.
  • Kojaque: Phantom Of The Afters. Another from the end of October, but just missed from the other post. I like it more than the last album. Bambi is my favourite
  • Casisdead: Famous Last Words. Is a film in an album. Actin’ Up is superb, but also Pineapple Juice, Boys Will Be Boys and Venom have really grown on me.

But still no obvious album of the year yet for me; Next year is looking like I have three contenders though.

I started listening to both Troye Sivan and Pink Pantheress, but quickly decided I’m too old.