Has taken me three months to do this (obviously not full-time) and all I’ve really done is cobble together other people’s hard work. It’s just so hard to find the time to do stuff, even when some of this I could almost semi-legitimately count as “work”.

Not much to say about it because it’s not wonderful, but:

  • Not over-joyed at a JavaScript based extension system. But Panic do have great docs and tools and the experience of developing and submitting within Nova is pretty cool.
  • I’m really struggling to wrap my head around tree-sitter. I think I need to work through a really basic example so it begins to make sense to me, but… finding time.
  • And similarly, the highlights.scm. I don’t quite get that yet either, but in writing this post I’ve just discovered the Syntax Inspector which should help me a lot (I guess in general I just need more time to read docs).
  • Groovy itself I don’t mind just because it’s something different from Go and Python.
  • Jenkins I hated (say compared to Tekton) until I learnt about JobDSL and that is pretty cool.

Github and not Fossil because Nova has built-in Git support so it just makes life easier… hmmm… maybe I should build a Fossil extension?!