We actually can’t remember the first time we went to Belmont, but presumably was years ago when the girls were little. And I don’t know if we stumbled across it or someone (who? We don’t know anyone) told us about it. Anyway, when we lived in the countryside we didn’t go as much as we’d have liked to because it was a fair trek, but this was one thing we were all excited about being nearer to after we’d moved to the city. We were all gutted to hear about the sudden closing. Me and A went to the first meeting (waiting to hear if there’ll be others).

The Belmont reminds me of The Gregson in Lancaster (although, in Aberdeen, Bonobo is perhaps a closer direct comparison): One of those true gems of the city that really make the place wonderful, but for some crazy reason are overlooked by the majority of people that live there.

I really hope it can come back.

A bit late mentioning this. Sneaking in some kind of post before the end of the month. Been Busy. Also, the Facebook group is more active and has more information, but I don’t use Facebook so might as well link to Twitter instead