There were four albums out on the same day I was interested in:

  • Peaness: World Full of Worry. Great length. I’m down for the thirty minute plus album. Kaizen, How I’m Feeling, Worry, and What’s the Use are my favourites. This album has been a long time coming and doesn’t disappoint.
  • Warpaint: Radiate Like This. Beautiful vocals throughout (Trouble!!). Probably my favourites though are the opener, Champion, and Stevie.
  • Sharon van Etten: We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong. I half-expected Darkness Fades to turn into Ave Maria. Anything is my favourite.
  • Sunflower Bean: Headful of Sugar. Another good length album. I was hoping for more like the 2020 single Moment In The Sun. I’m not that fussed for the Roll The Dice single of this album, Baby Don’t Cry is better and probably my favourite.

And then catching up on some stuff from April:

  • Let’s Eat Grandma: Two Ribbons. It’s just really nice and Listenable. I like Half Light and then Sunday which comes straight afterwards, but Strange Conversations is the stand out for me, just goosebumps all over when listening to that.
  • Poppy Ajudga: THE POWER IN US. Seems to be ALL CAPITALS. My favourites are PLAYGOD (since everywhere on the Radio) and LAND OF THE FREE.