Storm Arwen won.

I managed to hit my 40km running goal every week so far this year - even the week after my marathon, even the week when I had to do an almost marathon (40k) to get my distance in. But I’ve finally been beaten by Storm Arwen. Not the weather necessarily (I am a semi-fairweather runner though, if that is an option): The storm was over quickly, but the aftermath of no power at home has meant I couldn’t really go running (no way to shower and busy with the family). Shame as I like running in the snow as well.

I’d also managed to do at least running or yoga every single day since 21st February (with regrets I hadn’t done this from the 1st January) and was hoping to keep this unbroken streak up into next year for a whole year. But Storm Arwen screwed that too.

Power is back on today after ninety hours (we’ve been luckier than many others). Almost in time to get a run in, but there was more important stuff to be done. Which means I’m also going to miss my monthy running goal for the first time. Sucks. But (pointless Strava) goals are goals and not must haves.

On the plus side, I did get my annual running goal already back in mid-October. And there is always next month to see if I can come up with any interesting runs.