I was going to do an April Audio post, but now it’s almost the end of May so I’d better hurry up as I can’t think of what goes with “June”. I.e. it’s basically a “recently listened to” post although perhaps stretching what is meant by “recent”.

  • Billie Marten: Flora and Fauna. Found Billie Marten thanks to ChillDaBeats and then listened to all her stuff. I like her a lot. By a stroke of luck the youngest had been listening to her before me and had asked A for some tickets so assuming life gets back to normal we are going to see Billie at the end of the year. Winning.
  • Self Esteem: Compliments Please. Another ChillDaBeats find (re-find?). After hearing the excellent I Do This All The Time I went and listened to this album. I must have heard Self Esteem before because of the Slow Club; I swear I remember listening to an interview on Lauren Laverne a couple of years ago.
  • The Reytons: May Seriously Harm You and Others Around You. It’s an excellent idea and definitely due: What if we took what the Artic Monkeys had when they were good and used that? Broke Boys Cartel and Jealous Type are superb.
  • Sad Night Dynamite: Sad Night Dynamite. Probably Crunk is the best. I need to give this a re-listen though.
  • Girl In Red: If I Could Make it Go Quiet. I need to give it a re-listen, but so far it doesn’t make me melt as much as Two Queens In a King Size Bed (I am looking forward to Christmas just to listen to that again and again).
  • Sweetpea: Undercover EP. Been broadening my Drum and Bass horizons. This is good.
  • Smoothboi Ezra: Stuck (and My Own Person from last year is great too); another ChillDaBeats find.
  • Hannah Peel: Fir Wave. Patterned Formation reminds me a bit of The Shamen and Re:Evolution
  • New Dad: Waves. I Don’t Recognise You is my favourite so far.
  • Sketchy: Tune-yards. Hold Yourself.
  • Noga Erez: KIDS. Probably VIEWS is my favourite. Needs more listens, but I think I prefer Off The Radar.
  • Skullchrusher: Storm in Summer. That’s my favourite track too. Beautiful.
  • Lana Del Rey: Chemtrails Over The Country Club. Let Me Love You Like A Woman is to die for. Dark But Just A Game is surely going to end up in a movie soundtrack.
  • Arlo Parks: Collapsed In Sunbeams. All about Porta 400. It was destined for greatness with a name like that.
  • Bicep: Isles. This got the year off to a good start.

And that’s back to the start of the year. There are others (albums, EPs) I’ve listened to, but those are the highlights so far.