Continued from part one. This is the second half of the list. A full fifty-two weeks of films (we had a break for Christmas so the whole thing ran slightly over a year).

We were mostly on a three week rotation apart from the eldest sometimes picking. Such was the pressure and stress to come up with something good when it was my turn, I started putting together a list to choose from in advance - It was not just case of picking something I wanted to watch, it had to be something I thought the family would be interested in as well; I tried just once picking something purely that I wanted to watch. I still have a lot of films on my list I didn’t get to.

  1. Dating Amber, Sep 04
  2. Karate Kid+, Sep 11
  3. Bill & Ted 3*, Sep 18
  4. Pointbreak, Sep 25
  5. Captain Fantastic+, Oct 02
  6. Princess Bride, Oct 09
  7. Pretty in Pink, Oct 16
  8. Babadook+, Oct 23
  9. I Know What You Did Last Summer, Oct 30
  10. Breakfast Club, Nov 06
  11. Short Term 12+, Nov 13
  12. Rocky Horror, Nov 20
  13. Christmas Chronicles 2, Nov 27
  14. Scrooged+, Dec 04
  15. David Copperfield, Dec 11
  16. Gremlins¥, Dec 18
  17. Donnie Darko, Jan 08
  18. Social Network, Jan 15
  19. Slumdog Millionaire, Jan 22
  20. Inception, Jan 29
  21. Dead Poet’s Society, Feb 05
  22. Parasite, Feb 12
  23. The History of Future Folk+, Feb 19
  24. Teenwolf, Feb 26
  25. Good Will Hunting, Mar 05
  26. Blue Ruin+, Mar 12
  27. Dazed and Confused, Mar 19
  28. Skate Kitchen, Mar 26
  29. Under the Shadow+, Apr 02
  30. Concrete Cowboy, Apr 09
  31. Ghost World, Apr 16

We finished with Ghost World today.

The End.

* - One of the only two films we saw at the cinema last year. The other was Rocks

+ - My picks

¥ - Christmas and New Year break

§ - I thought, given the hours and hours of stuff I have watched over the years for the benefit of others, that people would be ok watching just one film I like, even if they weren’t that keen, but no of course not. Maybe I’ll get to watch it again in another ten years