Read this interview recently and listened to the new album, Sun Racket, which prompted me to go and listen to their back catalogue (live albums excepted); Which took me quite awhile, hence why I’m writing this over a month after reading that interview.

Oh my teenage years.

Hunkpapa is “my” album (because it’s Hirst and Donelly), although Red Heaven featured heavily too; Surely The Real Ramona too, although I can’t find a copy of it on tape like I have the other two? Weirdly University coincided with University and I missed it (although caught Snakeface on Facing the Wrong Way) and then everything else following. But the other two remained a staple (albeit on and off) over the years.

Asides from the fact I rarely meet anyone (at all), I’ve never met anyone that as professed to listening to the Throwing Muses, let alone a fan, since school. Like it says in the interview, they have remained on the outside, but they are very important to whoever those people we are.

I made a little playlist picking one (just one, a favourite, etc) song from each album. This is a fun game; Yes, it’ll probably crop up again.

Sun Racket was never going to compete with Hunkpapa for me, but it’s definitely an easier listen than Purgatory/Paradise - it’s worth a listen if only for the lyrics to Bywater.