I realised with horror recently that I have placed too much emphasis* on running for my mental well being. So that when I get to times like now (“this year”) plus little injuries that seem like they won’t go away+ I’m kind of screwed. First it was my knee stepping over the damn dog (always in the way) and probably from compensating for that, and not properly letting that heal, I’ve gone and hurt my foot on the other leg. It’s very plantar fasciitis like. Crap.

Without running there is no way for me to empty my bullshit buckets (I prefer to think of it as starting with empty buckets that ovefill when everything is too much as opposed to reservoirs that deplete§). Yeah, there’s yoga, but it’s just not the same as being miles away from everyone at the top of hill.

Work is stressful because it’s just “this year”. Home is stressful because it’s just “this year”. Running is my escape; I find it odd that people want to run with other people, isn’t the joy of it being on your own? But perhaps cycling corrupted me.

I think I am going to need a plan B. Just in case.

* - Not sure what other option there is though. Cycling used to do the same; Although arguably contributed as well.

+ - Both my knee and foot healed (well, healed enough). I was being melodramatic. Although at the time when I was struggling to walk a few metres at home it didn’t seem so.

§ - Pretty sure I’ve said it in reverse before though.