It’s been awhile. There have been singles in the meantime (Big Woman was great), but because I’m old I still like listening to a body of work. No album this time, but an epic EP.

My favourites:

  • Too Bad - Is just ace
  • Higher - Proper summer vibes
  • Werk It Out - Interesting that WAP is getting all the attention when this is just as rude and more awesome… I guess it’s the video; Nothing against Megan Thee Stallion though - Savage and Girls in the Hood are ace.

She said recently that “she’s noticed an increased interest in black artists of late, which isn’t seemingly very genuine”. I still think I’m right per what I said for Highly Flammable: I’m sure she didn’t intend for a middle aged white guy to pick it as his favourite album that year, but my interest is definitely genuine.