"And her joy would become a restless thing, flapping its wings inside her, as though looking for an opening to fly away."

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

My favourite sentence from the whole book.

This was a good book for me: Short chapters. So when I received the inevitable “Can you just…?” I could say “In a sec!” and actually a) not be lying and b) not be annoyed at the interruption.

Two things have stuck with me since reading this:

  1. Obama. It’s set around the time of his campaign and election and it’s made me wonder if he knew things would go downhill after his time in office? I don’t care that much for American politics since I’m not American and the UK is just as shit right now, but I have been thinking about that.
  2. The lack of “race” in Nigeria. That was interesting and not something I had ever thought of; I have had the briefest of exposure to Nigeria due to working with colleagues there in the past although I never got to visit.