This was my Friday Family Film night choice recently. As I write this it’s still unrated, but my guess is it’ll be a 15. As an unrated film it was a bit of a gamble and I had to promptly swop it for my backup film The Half of It (which was good) after it started; The opening scenes are maybe a bit much for a “family” film night; even if 15s are allowed; Maybe…

So I had to find another time to watch it over that weekend. It was good. Acting was a ace, camera work, plot, dialog, music, all the stuff that goes to make a film… all solid. If I’m going to be picky then maybe the opening scene (the first one, not those ones) didn’t grab me straight away and I wasn’t sure, but then I quickly settled into the story.

It was only obviously an indie film because of the cast. If it had been a hollywood film the leads would have been younger and hotter (and less believable), instead of normal people (which was superb, but, let’s face it, did not cast “normal” people). Kelly O’Sullivan (also the writer) and Max Lipchitz are both good and believable as actually average/normal people. Ramona Edith Williams steals the show though.

I was most of the way through it thinking “this is film for men, women know this shit already”, when there’s a scene were a woman is a dick (being ultra vague to avoid spoilers) and I realised it’s for everyone really. It’s probably more for my daughters than they realise and by the time they do watch it (never) it’ll be too late. Like with leaving A Room of One’s Own around the house for them to ignore, I can only say I’ve tried.

At some point I should do a list of films we’ve watched for film night - we’ve had some good ones.