Made a couple of changes to Haskerdeux recently:

  1. Adding a nextweek command to allow me to easily put stuff off until the next Monday whatever day the todo maybe on.

    I could achieve similar by doing:

     haskerdeux today moveto 3 `date -d "monday" +%Y-%m-%d`

    But that’s not as succinct as doing:

     haskerdeux today nextweek 3

    And plus if I happen to be on Monday then the date one just returns today’s date not next Monday. This is quite handy as for a while now I’ve been using Teuxdeux in a bit of a Kanban style to balance my work: I limit to three work tasks per day and three home tasks per day. I don’t take into account how long these tasks or chunks of work will take though - the only differentiation I have is some tasks I prefix with a q for things that are quick (putting some washing on, putting the bin out) and these I don’t count towards my total of three tasks. Of course nothing ever goes to plan and stuff rolls over to the next day, begins to pile up and I need to rebalance my week - and that’s where quickly being able to punt stuff to next week is handy (I can then plan the next week when I get there).

  2. Allowing me to use “mon”, “tue”, “wed”, etc in addition to the current “today” and “tomorrow”.

    This means I can do things like

     haskerdeux wed todos

    It’s not clever enough yet to do this though:

     haskerdeux wed moveto 3 fri

    But that’s something I can think about adding. There are possibly existing natural date processing libraries out there for Haskell, but because I’m using a ye-olde version on NetBSD and am limited as to what I can add via cabal I don’t want many external dependencies. Just a simple improvement is good enough for me (I.e. it currently only works with three letter day names, “mon” not “Monday” - because I don’t want to type more than necessary anyway)

The only thing remaining that I really would like to be able to do now is work on multiple todos. I’m not too bothered about dealing with someday lists via Haskerdeux, but being able to move stuff in bulk would be good. I guess eventually I’ll find time to do that…

I also should think about improving the order of arguments. Being able to do haskerdeux today 3 moveto 2020-06-01 reads much better than the current haskerdeux today moveto 3 2020-06-01