Did RED January again with the missus. Did even better than last year as we even got out on New Year’s Day which is an achievement after New Year’s Eve.

Unfortunately we had about two weeks where we had flu so despite getting off to a good start we then had a few days where we ran just 1k a day because we felt like death.

But by the end she got to 122km which is ace (that’s more than I ran some months last year).

We accidentally did Dry January (pretty much) as well; Accidentally is the only way to do it as intentionally inflicting misery on yourself in a miserable month is just insane. We obviously weren’t drinking when we had flu and so by the time we realised we hadn’t had a drink since finishing a bottle of wine between us just after New Year, we thought we might as well carry on until the end. Punk AF and Nanny State are great - I would actually happily just drink those forever.

January is a slow month. Struggled to find anything to write about.