I’d heard some tracks, but did not realise there was going to be a whole album! Favourites:

  • Guard The Fort
  • Superhereos Anonymous
  • Black Vapor - For the bass.
  • Worth Fighting For - LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS. So much. Stand out track for me. Fail to see how you can hear this and not just stamp the whole album 10/10.
  • Waste No Time - For the ending.
  • Skillz - For the skillz.

My only complaint would be it ends a bit abruptly. Swapping the order of Hands High and Skillz would have worked better.

Oh, and no complaints about the skits. I think some people out there (with their less than favourable reviews) are taking it too seriously when it’s just seriously fun. These people probably hate Too Many Ts as well. OH MY FUCKING GOD there is a new Too Many Ts album out.