Asides from spelling center incorrectly this could be my sleeper album of the year. I’m 100% in love with it.

I can’t remember where or when I first heard of Phoebe Bridgers, but it was probably 6music. I gave Stranger in the Alps a listen (I love it; It’s utterly depressing, but I love it) and then moved onto Better Oblivion Community Center. I probably didn’t like it as much on first listen, but the more I listen to it the more I love it.

My favourites are (most of it):

  • Didn’t Know What I Was in For - Sets the theme for the rest of the album. This is perfect Sunday evening listening and I mean that in the best possible way. If I was still a teenager I would have been all over this.
  • Dylan Thomas - Probably the most upbeat thing on there. But fits right in.
  • Service Road - “Whoooooo are youuu…”. Sing-a-long now. To the Phoebe Bridgers parts when you should be singing to Conor Oberst’s instead. Aren’t you glad you can’t hear me? This song has my heart.
  • Chesapeake - I always think it says cheapskate. It’s just so gentle.
  • My City - If there ever comes a point in my life I learn acoustic guitar I want to learn this album so I can sit and play and singalong. And smile.
  • Forest Lawn - Like a nursery rhyme for grown-ups.
  • Dominoes - No, this one has my heart.

Hands up who wants to stay up ‘til dawn, getting drunk and listening to music?

Yeah, I don’t really have anything to say about it despite liking it a lot, sorry. These aren’t album reviews though. These are feelings