Jen from Hobby Help kindly got in touch to point me at this article. If you want to prepare better for a marathon than I do then this is a good guide. The key difference is I’m not running marathon races/events, I’m just running out by myself so you are unlikely to want to copy my technique. For my last marathon I:

  • Didn’t eat any more or less than normal before hand
  • Just took a bag of apricots and ate three apricots every 30 mins
  • Had a single 500ml bottle of water at half way

I definitely agree with some bits: Having headphones and music is necessary for when you need a bit of a distraction and/or motivation; I save it until I need it. And I one hundred percent agree with “Share Your Experience and Reflect on Your Race”, which is, after-all, why I’ve written blog posts about it.

It’s pretty rare I get anyone emailing as a result of my website so when they do make an effort to it’s nice to acknowledge it.