I’m not going to post every time I update this, but this time I will because:

  • This is harder than it should be to update (for me at least)
  • I’ve been on holiday this week and I’ve still struggled to find the time to do this
  • I thought I was stuck using an older rust version * (which meant patching stuff unnecessarily)
  • After updating it I immediately had to update it again when I realised I’d missed something

I.e: It’s an “achievement”.

Annoyingly it looks like 0.2.8 is out… need to do this all again.

* I installed Rust via pkgsrc/pkgin because (of course I would and…) I did not want to build from source: Building spotifyd is slow and jet-enginey enough as it is. However, I then thought I was stuck on 1.29 because the binary disappeared from pkgsrc. I only just realised today that NetBSD is a supported tier and binaries are available via rustup.