This is good. It’s not an immediate “This is my album of the year” album, but it could easily end up that way. It’s very repeatable / replayable.

My favourites:

  • Offence
  • Boss - Gloriously sweary. Can’t sing along, but want to. Probably my second favourite.
  • Selfish - A great first three tracks on the album. This is by far the standout track for me. You know how there was that time when female popstars would have a guest male rapper come on and ruin their song? Well this is pretty much the exact opposite of that with Cleo Sol’s guest singing working beautifully with Little Simz’s rapping (That’s such an old person’s sentence). So sooo good; Cleo Sol is well worth checking out on her own (her tracks One and Why Don’t You are sublime)
  • Wounds
  • Pressure
  • Sherbet Sunset
  • Flowers - Actually this is the exact opposite of what I’m going on about in Selfish, but Cleo Sol outshines Michael Kiwanuka so Selfish still wins in my book.

She’s so fast. I think maybe why Venom isn’t one of my favourites is because she’s too fast on it for my brain to comprehend; Although she’s probably rapping just as quick on some of the others.

I am undecided on 101 FM. It’s a little bit KuruptFM. And I like the last line of Therapy.