Probably not the target audience on at least a couple of fronts, but I forgot that this was launching this week so only gave it a listen today. It’s on from 10AM to 10PM Monday to Friday (although possible robot DJ outside those hours). You can listen via the website, but I mpv all my radio stations so for me it’s just mpv

I like “the radio”. I think “the radio” is important so this one has made it to my alias list along with 6music, radio1, radio2, soho, dandelion, radiox and virgin. It’s nice to add something a bit different into the mix.

Listening today and they are talking about Audacity. How cool… used that back in the day when video editing. And that is a great example of what I love about “the radio”: Happenstance. Sure, you can listen to (practically) any song you want whenever you want on Spotify, but radio just sometimes has moments of magical connection - and when it does it’s lovely.