Just in time for the October switch off of the old API I’ve realised new versions of simplenote.py and simplenote.vim that use the Simperium API.

Kind of annoyingly, but also kind of luckily, I started working on this almost five years ago, but I was always waiting on Simperium offering a way to get a token via the UI. In the end they abandoned that plan, but did add authentication to the Simperium API. So this ended up being much more of a scrappy and hasty change than I would have preferred owing to not having as much spare time as I used to, but if it wasn’t for the groundwork in 2014 I would have been screwed.

Hard to know how many things out there still rely on simplenote.py, presumably not as much as used to (E.g. this went it’s own way rather than fix upstream) owing to activity on the issues, but I still use it via simplenote.vim. Since most of the code changes were done in a “let’s get something that works” fashion there isn’t much I can point to and say “look at this. Some points of interest though:

[EDIT: 2018-10-06] Also updsted snose to work with Simperium - seems like just using version in place of syncnum is enough.